CHIEF OF OPERATIONS: Captain Norman Van Houten

The Operations Division (Ops) is a haven for Avenger members fascinated by aviation and space travel, both in real life and in the Trek universe. On the USS Avenger, the Operations Division encompasses the helm control, navigation, logistics, and tactical aspects of the ship.

In Fiction: The Avenger's Ops Division (as in Star Fleet) is perhaps one of the largest, yet most diffuse. It includes a wide array of functions, all of which are crucial to the ship's ability to fulfill its mission objectives. The division is comprised of five departments, covering a considerable range of responsibilities: Helm, Navigation, Flight/Small Craft, Tactical, and Mission Support. The Operations Division ensures that the ship operates to its full capacity, making sure that the equipment and staff are in the right place at the right time. The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for coordinating all the flight and tactical activities of the Avenger.

In Real Life: The Avenger's Ops Division is comprised of folks who love to talk about space exploration, propulsion systems, how easy it is to fly through an asteroid field, and whether or not you could fly a starship using a data PADD (It's just like playing a very, very dangerous game of Tetris. -ed.)

How We Operate: The Avenger's Ops Division is dedicated to ensuring that the Chapter operates smoothly and efficiently. The Ops Division works in conjunction with the other departments aboard ship to facilitate the planning and implementation of activities, trips (Away Missions,) and events, both on a Chapter and organizational level. Recruitment and membership retention is another endeavor that the Ops Division tries to assist with on a Chapter level. The Chief Operations Officer (as with all the other department heads) acts as a liaison between the rank and file membership and the Command Staff, making sure any and all suggestions, criticisms, or other issues get addressed.

"Operations is the duct tape that holds this boat together!"